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1989 FLU419 SEE Loader/Backhoe Truck


4x4, Mercedes Benz Diesel Engine, 4 Speed Manual Transmission, PTO, 365/85R20 Tires, Hard Top, Heater, General Purpose Loader Bucket, Rear Bucket, 16,000 lb. GVWR

1989 FLU10344 HMMH Forklift/Crane truck


4x4, Mercedes 6 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Knuckle Boom Crane, Forks, NEW 365/85R20 Tires, Hard Top, Heater. Good luck find another one of these!

2005 HMMWV Winch Truck


6.5L Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission, 4x4, Winch, 7,700 lb. GVWR, 2 Door, Soft Top, Cargo/Troop Carrier Body, Cargo Cover, Cargo Cover Bows

1989 HMMWV


6.5L Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission, 4x4, 7,700 GVWR, 2 Door, Soft Top, Cargo/Troop Carrier Body, Cargo Cover, Cargo Cover Bows,

1999 Stewart and Stevens LMTV


Cab and Chassis with less than 1500 miles(ORIGINAL). Cat 6 cylinder engine. We will outfit this truck any way you would like, We do have a dump box ready to be mounted on it for additional cost.

2000 Stewart and Stevens MTV Tractor Truck


Powered by the newer, updated 3126 CAT engine and propelled by an Allison transmission this rig has the power to haul and efficiantly at that. As you can see this truck is a great example with less than 4500 miles.

1989 M925A2 5 Ton Winch Truck


6x6, New Cummins 6 Cylinder 8.3L Turbo Diesel Engine, Automatic Transmission, PTO, ABS, Central Tire Inflation System, 14.00R20 Tires, Front Winch, Removable Stake Sides, Fold-Down Bed Sides, Tailgate, Hard Top, Heater, 32,500 lb. GVWR

1992 M925A2 5 Ton Winch Truck


Powered by a very strong 8.3L turbo Cummins engine, propelled by a 5 speed Allison transmission, This particular truck is in excellent condition throughout with little to no rust and even the underside looks new, The winch works as it should and has no leaks. We installed brand new batteries and addressed any and all issues if any existed. Feel free to come to our shop in central MN and check it out if you would like!

2010 Oshkosh MK48/MK14 LVS


This is your oppertunity to own an extremely rare truck built specifically for the Marine Corpes, It not only steers but articulates in the center and can be uncoupled for better manueverability on those tight city streets. With 4 axle differential lock and the added benifit of the articulation unit, this rig is nearly unstoppable. The nearly 500 HP detroit 8v92 is unstoppable and makes this thing take off like a giant rocketship. Lets just say I towed a second one of these almost 1600 miles at top speed. All kidding aside, this truck is in exceptional condition with only 2700 miles on it, I pulled the plastic off the seats because it made for slippery seating conditions. Nothing like a HEMMT with that ":new car" smell.

2010 Oshkosk MK48/MK15 Wrecker


Detroit 8V92 Engine, Allison transmission, Grove Crane, 60,000 lb winch, A-frame wheel lift. Excellent condition with no issues. Less than 3000 miles.

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