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SEMA 2016

One of Won is actively considering sponsorship possibilities with a company that produces high end, quality products and provides excellent customer service, we are looking to market your product with our latest build and possibly our next build which is currently in the works. We feel that this would be a great opportunity that would be mutually beneficial and we are open to ideas as far as working with your company. We are still available to represent a company at the upcoming SEMA 2016 expo as no deals have been made at this time. So if your company is still seeking an excellent opportunity to get a lot of attention at one of the greatest auto trend shows in the world please contact us to discuss further.


Please understand that the guys at One of Won Customs spent huge amount of time building the Duramax Camaro with SEMA in mind and it is absolutely flawless in every way, we also pride our selves in making it appear as if it came from the factory like this which translates to a very clean, unique custom car that has a large following. Simply put: this is a vehicle you would be proud to put your name on!


As of now the Duramax Camaro is a blank canvas as far as big name products as we would like to be somewhat exclusive to whomever wants to get their name on it, that being said we are reaching out to a few excellent companies that may be interested in what is becoming a very popular build. As you can see below, it is already featured at and a few other large media outlets are in the works along with a short film.


This opportunity may become unavailable at any time so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are at all interested. Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to hearing from you!

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